The rapidly growing interconnectedness of economies, politics, and cultures makes the rise and fall of modern civilization the first to implicate the entire planet. The consequences of human behaviour in this new global reality are difficult to gauge and raise many questions. How do politics affect our food supply? Is our culture of work incompatible with our quest for spiritual growth? How do our consumption habits affect our environment? Are humans so hard-wired in the pursuit of our needs and desires that we will knowingly precipitate a global decline? Our sustainable progress relies on our ability to grapple with these and other

important questions and find the connections between them. Uncivilized will illustrate these links through the stories and reflections of a group of critical thinkers. These pundits, who represent diverse areas of expertise, will comment on the political, economic, social, spiritual and psychological aspects of the society we have created. The final result will interweave such themes as debt, self-awareness, slavery and hope to give us, not prescriptive answers, but a clearer overall understanding of where we are as a global, interconnected civilization.